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 What Is Empowerment Coaching
Empowerment coaching helps to define and clarify areas in your life that are holding you back from being happy. Empowerment coaching helps you figure out where you are and where you want to go in your life. Empowerment coaching focuses on the positive results using easy to follow models to help you make choices for yourself and makes your life more enjoyable. Empowerment coaching looks at the present moving towards the future.
About Coach Lori
Training in the area of Life Coaching
Certified Life Coach,EFT Practitioner,NLP Practitioner, 
Life Transformation Consultant,Habit Control Consultant
I believe my life purpose is to use my intuition and passion to inspire and empower others to reach their full potential. What has brought me to this place?  I know change is possible because I have experienced a difficult childhood and a life of poverty, homelessness, violence,  and abusive relationships. I've indulged in addictive behaviours, experienced low self esteem and poor body image,  and know all too well the feeling of hopelessness and despair. However, over the last 20 years I've worked hard at my own personal development, having mentors and coaches teach me about self care and self love, about turning a negative into a positive and about commitment and determination.  I've attended many workshops ,  seminars and taken courses in coaching and personal development.  I've read hundreds of personal development books and applied the strategies and principles to my life.  I now live a life beyond my wildest dreams.  The more I work with people the more I learn about myself.  Today my life is full of love and abundance ,  I have loving relationships with both family and friends.  I have a successful career doing what I love.  I've coached in areas of addiction ,worked within the homeless population, counselled clients with mental health issues and worked with terminally ill patients.  I'm a meditation instructor who meditates and prays on a daily basis.  I work daily at polishing the gift of life that gives me  peace of mind and a feeling of well being.  Something I once thought  was beyond my reach. Why do I do what I do?  Very simply, when you "do good" you feel good. Today , I like to feel and do the best I can to reach my full potential
Why work with Coach Lori
Would you like to experience inner peace regardless of the outside circumstances of your life?  View life's ups and downs as challenges not problems?  Through my coaching I've shown people from all walks of life the strategies to take their life to a higher level of living.  I'll help you discover what is really important to you in your life, help you design a plan to achieve these things, and work with you to understand and eliminate any obstacles that may be standing in your way.  I know that wherever your journey has been to this point, change is possible .  The future holds the key to all your dreams.  No matter where you are in your life, I can help you achieve the success you are looking for and help you reach your full potential.  If you are happy and looking to stay there or committed to moving forward to experiencing joy and peace in abundance then call me for a free 30 minute soulutions session at 905-325-1981
or Toll Free 1-855-358-1981
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E-mail me at coachlori@jacksoncoaching.net and see if I'm the coach for you.
                                With Love and Gratitude
                                                                      Coach Lori
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